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Canon MG-6120 GNU/Linux Printer Driver Installation on Mandriva 2010.2

See Canon MG-6120 GNU/Linux Printer Driver for general information concerning this printer driver and where to get it.

rpm Package archive Installation

These instructions are performed in ${HOME}/pkg/mg6120/printer_driver unless otherwise noted.

  1. mkdir -p ~/pkg/mg6120/printer_driver
  2. Download the driver.
    • At the time of this writing, the download was here.
    • The file name is cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1-rpm.tar.gz.
  3. cd ~/pkg/mg6120/printer_driver
  4. mv ~/Downloads/cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1-rpm.tar.gz .
  5. Unpack the driver.
    • tar -xzf cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1-rpm.tar.gz
    • tree cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1-rpm
      ├── install.sh
      ├── packages
      │ ├── cnijfilter-common-3.40-1.i386.rpm
      │ ├── cnijfilter-common-3.40-1.x86_64.rpm
      │ ├── cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1.i386.rpm
      │ └── cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1.x86_64.rpm
      └── resources
      ├── printer_fr_utf8.lc
      ├── printer_ja_utf8.lc
      └── printer_zh_utf8.lc
      2 directories, 8 files
  6. Elevate to the root user.
    • su root
  7. Add /usr/local/bin to the root user's run path.
    • export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/bin
  8. Run the install.sh script.
    • cd cnijfilter-mg6100series-3.40-1-rpm
    • sh install.sh
      • The install.sh script supports both USB and network attachment of the printer.
      • If the printer is network attached:
        • The printer discovery facility only locates printers on a local network.
          • The author had a server network and a user network. The printer had to be installed on the user network for the discovery tool to work.
          • The printer can be set up without using install.sh, but it is much more straightforward to use the script.
        • The printer supports both wireless and wired connections.
        • install.sh expects to be able to scan all IP addresses on the local network using UDP port 6811.
        • Once the printer is installed, the driver uses TCP port 6811 on the printer IP address.
        • The script completely sets up the printer in CUPS.

It is possible to manually set up the printer via the CUPS interface, but it can be much more difficult knowing what protocol, etc. to use.

  • For access to information about the printer' network and printer configuration, use a web browser to view the printer web-based interface.
  • The printer supports LPR/LPD printing.