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Welcome to the KRayWiki!

This is a privately maintained wiki. Edit privileges are reserved to pre-authorized maintainers.

Information herein is made available per terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

A historical predecessor of the wiki may be found at

Topic Groups

Category:App (Software tools and applications)

Category:Comp (Computer and networking hardware)

Category:Gizmo (Electronic tools and gadgets)

  • GPS (Global Positioning System receivers)
  • Phone (Mobile telephone devices)
  • Tablet (Portable tablet devices)

Category:Home (About stuff you might do around the house)

  • Fix It FAQ about tips related to getting old stuff going again.
  • Leisure activities and media listings for your consideration.

Category:OS (Operating systems and environments)

Android stuff
Usage, tips, and general information
All about GNU/Linux
Configuration, usage, troubleshooting
Windows stuff
Configuration, usage, etc. for various releases
Windows POSIX
Environments for GNU/Linux resources (i.e. MinGW, MSYS, MSYS2, etc.)
Virtual Environments
i.e. Oracle's VirtualBox, VMware Products
Resources related to use of SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 UNIX systems

Category:Web (Web Authoring, Web Services, Programming, and Markup Languages)

  • Hosting (Website & VPS)
  • Markup language (Relating to HTML, XML, etc.)
  • Script (server-side or client-side language resources)
  • Services (Dynamic DNS, DNS filtering, DDOS protection, etc.)
  • Wiki-related information

About the Wiki

See the About KRayWiki page for a list of resources that offer information on using this wiki. Third-party and locally generated content facilitates working with the wiki, avoiding issues, resolving problems, etc.