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KRDC is a client application that allows you to view or even control the desktop session on another machine that is running a compatible server. VNC and RDP is supported.

General Information

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Distribution-specific Information

Mageia 6

Install KRDC for terminal server connectivity.

An example of KRDC installation:

$ sudo urpmi --no-recommend krdc

To satisfy dependencies, the following packages are going to be installed: Package Version Release Arch (medium "Core Release (distrib1)") krdc 16.12.3 1.mga6 x86_64 lib64krdccore5 16.12.3 1.mga6 x86_64 lib64minilzo0 2.09 4.mga6 x86_64 lib64vncserver1 0.9.11 1.mga6 x86_64 1.5MB of additional disk space will be used. 462KB of packages will be retrieved. Proceed with the installation of the 4 packages? (Y/n) Y