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!! General Software (Usage and Troubleshooting)

!!! Tools Used Here

!!!! Tux Paint ([| Home page])

  1. Where is it?
    • On Mandriva 2010.1, it is in the Start menu under Education | Other | Tux Paint.
  1. How do I change the application's configuration?
    • Copy /etc/tuxpaint/tuxpaint.conf to ~/.tuxpaintrc, then edit that file.
    • See also: [Documentation].
  1. Why doesn't it print?
    • "Sorry, your picture could not be printed."
      • Is there a default printer configured under CUPS?
      • Run tuxpaint from the command-line to see what it says on the console:
        • lpr: Error - no default destination available.
          • Configure a default system printer.
      • Is lpr available? lpr is the default print command.
        • If using CUPS, is cups-lpr installed?
      • Did you wait long enough?
        • On Mandriva 2010.1, after defining a default printer, the error message was still displayed, but a few moments later, the picture printed anyway.

!!! Tools To Try

!!!! [[1]] (Visio alternative)

!!! No Longer Used

!!!! QuickBooks ([| Home page])