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1000 Asylum 1 A spooky board-type game for Windows. 1001 Secret Agent 6 Bring back the blueprints for "Red Rock Rover", a ruby-powered satellite. 1002 BioMenace 2 Brilliant Arcade shoot-out. Blast the mutants out of town! 1003 Brix 4 An arcade puzzler pair-matching game. 1004 Castle of the Winds-Part I 1 A fantasy adventure; battle with evil monsters, etc. 1005 Jill of the Jungle 6 Explore 16 levels, collect treasure, jump rivers, transform to other animals! 1006 Paganitzu 6 Adventure game to discover the "Crystal Rose". Fight, explore, etc. 1007 PC-Gammon 5 A BackGammon game. 1008 Pin Ball 2 An arcade game. Requires 544,000 bytes of RAM. 1009 Solar Winds 2 As Jake Stone, bounty hunter, explore the secrets of a strange alien race. 1010 BoloBall 3 Put balls in slots and score against another human or against computer. 1011 JellyBeans 2 A variation of Tetris-like game. Beautiful graphics. 1012 TwoBit Poker 4 A poker game. 1013 TetRiS 2 A variation of Tetris-like game. 1014 Checkers 5 Play the classic game of checkers. 1015 A Clue's Solution 4 A game of logic. 1016 Aliens 1 A space shoot-out game for Windows. 1017 All Bug 2 Catch-a-bug hand-eye coordination and speed challenging game. 1018 Ant Run 2 Race your ant through tunnels before hitting a dead end. 1019 Quatris II Plus 2 A space-effect of Tetris-like game. 1020 Blackjack 5 Play blackjack Vegas style. 1021 Block Man 2 More through maze pushing blocks to reach the goal. 1022 Bow and Arrow 1 Hit the target with your bow and arrow. 1023 Brainjam 1 Cool and Unusual solitaire game. 1024 Slot Machine 5 Collection of Casino games. 1025 Legend 4 Very strange language game with the computer. 1026 Cat & Mouse 2 As the mouse, block the cat in and escape. 1027 Clock Solitaire 1 Great new solitaire game. 1028 Enigmacross 4 An amazing Acrostics puzzle program. 1029 Flip-It 5 Cool variation of Othello/Reversi. 1030 Super Entrap 2 Avoid Killer robots in this 256 color 3-D world. 1031 Facetrex 4 Push faces onto their negative images to match them up. 1032 World Empire 3 Battle the computer and other players for world domination. 1033 Block Hole 2 A 3-D tetris game. Really neat. 1034 Herman's Adventure 1 Move through maze collecting treasure and avoiding danger. 1035 Hexxagon 4 Animated strategy game vs. computer. Tough! 1036 Hobikes 2 2-Player motorcycle racing game. 1037 Jetpack 2 Explore caverns and collect treasure. Cool graphics and sound. 1038 3-Ball Juggler 2 Juggling tutor and game. Neat idea! 1039 Sergeant Duffy 6 Rescue the kidnapped Dr. Jones from a mad scientist. 1040 Maxtris 5 Tetris with Hexagons. Really cool concept, better than other clones. 3236 Major Stryker 2 Battle space stations and fight through lava cities to save earth. 5002 Gateworld 6 Fight Aliens to get the richest Asteroid in the Universe. 5005 Gamescape 6 Design and distribute your own adventure games. 5007 The Death Watch 6 Adventure in a land of sword and sorcery. Fight evil monsters and rescue your home. 5040 Body Blows 2 Martial-Arts extravaganza! Fight opponents. Like Street Fighter. 5059 Blake Stone 6 Save the earth from Alien Invasion. Weapons, Great Graphics, and sound. Amazing! 5072 Duke Nukem 6 A new standard for action! Escape Alien prison. Fight robots, aliens, and mutants. 5076 Electro Man 6 Fight invaders to find the control circuits and save the world! 5096 Halloween Harry 6 High-octane action adventure. Stop Aliens from turning Earthlings into mindless Zombies! 5112 Terminator Rampage 6 They never stop and will hunt you till death. Destroy them before they overrun the earth. 5123 Road Kill 2 Road Warriors Unite! Armed with guns and missiles nothing will stop you. 5124 Sango Fighter 2 Power and Glory that's why they fight in the ring. 5129 Silverball Pinball 2 Totally Radical Arcade Pinball game. Great sound, graphics, and Dragons? 5134 Starship Commander 3 Command starships in combat against enemy forces. Great strategy game! 5168 Skyroads 3-D Trainer 2 Race for your life in this 3-D rocket car simulation. 5170 Doom 6 The most incredible action maze game! Blast monsters, collect weapons, explore. 5224 Desert Raid 2 Defeat Sadman Insane in this arcade extravaganza. 5230 Winfish 1 Fishing game with different lures, depth sensor, and etc. Very detailed. 5233 Floatris 2 Play a tetris clone that uses 8 pieces at once! 5240 Dungeons of Grimlor 6 Find the evil Dragon Grimlor and retrieve the gem of Souls. 5242 Herman and Windog 1 Hunt Prairie dogs on the Range. 5274 Quatra Command 1 Save the planets from evil invaders. 5289 Starmines 2 2 Fly your ship around the mazes of the planet and collect crystals. 5298 Sinksub 1 Windows submarine game. 7232 Ford Simulator 4 Learn about Fords and take one on the road. 7236 Galactix 2 Earth is under attack. Stop the invaders and save the world. 7401 Wolfenstein 3-D 6 Escape from a Nazi prison. Explore levels, collect weapons and treasure. 7403 Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 6 Cosmo's Parents are missing. Find them and avoid monsters, birds, and snakes. 7405 Corncob 3-D 2 Amazing 3-D flight sim. Keep alive and destroy the enemy. 7764 Kiloblaster 2 Blast your way through an alien armada and warn earth of the invasion. 7957 Executioners 2 Want Blood and Guts? This game has plenty! It's kill or be killed in the arena. 7994 Vendetta 2 Everyone is out to get you. All that will save you is your trusty '45. 8159 Aquanoids 2 Breakout at its best. Multiple levels, powerups, and traps. 8160 Catacomb Abyss 6 Magic, monsters, treasure! That's what Adventuring is all about. 8173 Phylox 2 The Phylox are invading and only you can stop them. 8263 Galacta 2 Aliens are destroying the Solar System. Stop them before it's too late. 8268 Stellar Defense 2 Protect the galaxy from Yarian invaders. Awesome graphics and sound. 8279 Igo 5 The timeless game of Go! The father of all board games. 8281 Speculator 3 Start companies, buy stock, build a financial empire. 8292 High Seas Homicide 6 3-D Graphic Murder mystery. Solve it before you are next. 8306 Zone 66 2 Destroy Terrorist camps with your high-tech fighter. 8381 Oxyd 3 Solve the maze by bouncing, colliding, and rebounding your Oxyd Ball. 8409 Moraff's World 6 16 levels of dungeons to explore. Untold riches await a brave 8466 Moraff's Dungeons 6 3-D Role-playing. Explore levels and defeat the Shadow Demon Queen. 8521 Night Raid 3 Paratroopers are landing. Only you can save your city from the invaders. 8527 Starfire 2 The evil Sloboids are invading and you must stop them or Earth will die. 8580 Eternam - Island 1 6 Vacation to a medieval island? They didn't mention snakes, monsters, and magic. 8594 Spear of Destiny 6 The Spear has been stolen and only you can return it. Blast your enemies! 8614 Space Chase 6 Stop "Evil Guy's Inc" from conquering the world! Duel robots, slime devils, etc. 8660 YAB Baseball 2 Play baseball on your PC. 8664 Yendorian Tales 6 The Orb has been stolen and monsters run amok. Be a hero and find the orb. 8712 Shadow Keep 6 Quest to rescue the spirit of Sir Guy and defeat the demon. 8714 Turoid 2 New ball/paddle game with extra bonus features. 8738 Simona In New York 4 Simona has stolen priceless treasures. Bring her to justice. 8754 Ultimate Challenge Golf 5 3-D Golf Game with VGA graphics and sound. 8876 Alien Poker 4 Play poker with the galaxy's best. 8878 One Must Fall 2 A Karate duel between the best warriors in the world. Test your skill. 8880 Epic Pinball 2 Great Pinball game. Powerup the Android and see what happens! 9183 Commander Keen 4 6 The Shikadi are out to destroy the galaxy and you must stop them! 9311 Big Three 3 How would you have fought WWII? Control forces around the world. 9345 Dark Ages 6 Action adventure game. Cool graphics and animation. 10 levels, traps, etc. 9376 Lemmings 2 Find a safe path for the lemmings to migrate. 9390 Strategy 5 Basted on the popular strategy board game Stratego. 9475 Chinese Checkers 5 The amazing game of Chinese Checkers for 1-6 Players! 9780 Last Half of Darkness 6 Beautiful Adventure Game. Find the potion and claim your inheritance. 9905 Lemmings II 2 More of those amazing lemmings. Save your little friends from danger.