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  1. DW Contacts & Phone
    • This is, in my opinion, the only contact manager to use.
    • DW Contacts & Phone used to be called DW Contact Group Manager.
    • Whereas most Android contact manager software is group agnostic, this one does groups in spades. If you maintain contact lists of more than a few entries, grouping them by category is a must. It is a real drag (har, har) to scroll through 100 contacts to find the one you want. Sure, you could search, but really... It should be easier than that. With DW Contacts & Phone, it is. Can you tell I'm sold? I bought it within moments of viewing the free one. It is well worth rewarding an app developer that fills such a void in Android contact management.
    • The author and others run a forum where users can get help, suggest features, report bugs, etc.
    • For some unknown reason, this app is marked as "incompatible" with Archos 43 and Archos 70 internet tables, and proabably all generation 8 Archos tablets. If you have an Archos tablet, since the Android Market and the Amazon App Store both seem to be blocking access to apps based on so-called compatibility, you may have trouble getting it through those channels. You can still download and buy the app via the app web-site listed above. I have run it with zero issues on both of the devices I mentioned.
  2. Contact Group
    • I tried this app first (since it cost less) when I was looking for a group-aware contact manager. I uninstalled it within minutes of downloading it. The user interface is ugly and tends to act on groups as a whole... i.e. e-mail all 50 people in my "Friends" group. Whoa there Nelly!
    • Since my first attempt at using the app, I have noticed screen shots that show selecting individuals from a group, but I am not interested in trying it. DW Contacts & Phone has none of the issues this app has, and has a huge number of features this app does not have.