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Menu Bar

Top-most navigable portion of the screen just below the SCOadmin on Hostname title.

Switch between Menu Bar (i.e. File, View) and Hierarchy Area (i.e. Account Manager, Software Manager).
navigate side-to-side in the menus
Open the menu item to enter a sub-menu
Open the menu item to enter a sub-menu

Type the underlined letter of a sub-menu name to quickly enter it


Middle screen area that opens directly below menu bar items and over the Hierarchy Area.

Exit a sub-menu to return to the menu bar
navigate side-to-side from sub-menu to sub-menu
Traverse up/down in sub-menus
Select/execute a menu command or items

Type the underlined letter of a menu item to quickly perform it

Hierarchy Area

Lower screen area below the menu bar and sub-menus (before a component has been acted upon).

When at the top of the SCOadmin Hierarchy (i.e. list beginning with Account Manager)
Switch between the Menu Bar (i.e. File, View) and the Hierarchy Area areas.
When in a sub-level of the SCOadmin Hierarchy (.. appears below the Hierarchy Area)
Switch between the Hierarchy Area, Menu Bar, and Hierarchy .. control.
Traverse up/down through the Hierarchy
When the selected Hierarchy Area item is not preceded by a greater-then symbol.
Execute the Hierarchy item (begin using the indicated administration tool).
When the selected Hierarchy item is preceded by a greater-then symbol.
Move down the Hierarchy to reveal a sub-level of the Hierarchy.
Note appearance of a .. /Path control appears below the Hierarchy list.
When .. in the Hierarchy Area is selected
Move up the Hierarchy one level

Status Bar

This is a display-only feature of the user interface.

Exit scoadmin

To quickly exit scoadmin:

  1. Hot-key, or, <LeftArrow><Enter> to the left-most menu option.
  2. Press <X>.
  3. Repeat steps as needed.

Bottom area of the screen where a description of the currently selected menu command, or component, is shown.

File Menu


Open/execute the currently highlighted Hierarchy item.


Exit scoadmin

View Menu

Options Menu

Help Menu


The Help menu is prone to create problems. More information needed about terminal configuration, navigation, exit, and so on.

<Ctrl>-<Z>, stty sane, clear may be helpful for exiting help.