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OS-SCO Administration

Add User With scoadmin

For help navigating within the scoadmin utility, see the OS-SCO-Admin-scoadmin page.

A typical user on this system might be added as follows:

SCOadmin on hostname 
  • Account Manager
Account Manager on csdiloan 
  • Users
    • Add New User...
hostname: Add New User 
The format of a Login_name varies according to local site or system practices. On a system with a high user count, it may be helpful to adopt a format that can uniformly accommodate name collisions.
User ID 
Usually the auto-selected UID is acceptable. Some administrators may to issue UIDs in numeric ranges to collate users in some way (i.e. administrator, non-administrator, etc.), but using Login Group is most common.
Firstname Lastname
For special purpose accounts, consider adding a annotation like (admin), or another suitable string.
For shared accounts, it can be helpful to briefly summarize the purpose of the account.
<*> Set password now
Login Shell 
Networked Via 

Home Directory 
Login Group 
A group that created files are assigned by default when other influences are not present.
[ OK ]
hostname: Set Password: Login_name 
<*> Enter a new password 
Enter Password 
Confirm Password 
[x] Force password change at next login
[ OK ]

Exit scoadmin