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Index to SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 sub-topics

See Also 
Guest Operating System Guide for SCO OpenServer 5.0

External Links

  1. xinuos.com
    SCO OpenServer 5
    SCO Skunkware
  2. A. P. Lawrence, a prolific writer of IT-related material
    OpenServer 5
  3. SCO packages @ Linut's Lair
  4. SCO Unix and Xenix stuff by Jeff Liebermann

Internal Links

For Linux Users

Offers documentation on issues and workarounds for deviations between SCO and Linux.

SCO OS Security

A sub-topic page that addresses security matters involving SCO OpenServer systems.

SCO OS Logging

A sub-topic page that addresses matters involving SCO OpenServer's log files.

Usage Tips

Linux / *NIX Compatibility

  1. OS-SCO-Linux on this wiki offers workarounds for deviations between SCO and Linux.
  2. Rosetta Stone for Unix


Switch between multiple console sessions.
stty intr '^C' erase '^?' echoe 
Set sane terminal behavior for telnet sessions.



Utility to allow running linux binaries under SCO, but initial testing has been disappointing. Unsurprisingly, appears to hang on 64-bit binaries. Even simple 32-bit linux binaries seem to blow up. Note "Q3.1: What if I find a Linux binary that lxrun doesn't support?" here:


Open Source for OpenServer 5.0.7

SCO-provided open source resources for OpenServer 5.0.7 are very dated. This sub-topic page aims to share information about how more recent resources may be built for use on this old platform.


A SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 sub-topic page covering a range of system administration topics like:

  1. System Administration Tools
  2. Installed Software Maintenance
  3. Configuration of System Services
  4. User Account Management
  5. Issues & Workarounds



  1. man hierarchy
    Layout of filesystem


  1. hw
    • hw -v is much more informative
      Motherboard identification is possible, though it can take effort to differentiate it from chipset identifiers.
  2. hwconfig
  3. man rtc
  4. sysinfo
    Generate report on system configuration for diagnostic use
    Uses sockinfo, ss, lsof, memhog, cpuhog, and iohog if available in /usr/local/bin.


Identify installed software and components

  1. custom
  2. pkginfo

Query system contents database; list file status; list software modifications

  1. customquery
    • Can help determine which Maintenance Pack is installed. For example:
      $ customquery swconfig | grep Maint
      SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 Maintenance Pack 5 1.0.0Mc partially installed
    • Alternatively, in cases where custom is non-functional, MP5 is likely installed when:
      $ grep Maintenance /opt/K/SCO/Unix/rs507d.Unix507.1.0a/.softmgmt/shared.db
      description=rs507d - Operations\, Administration and Maintenance Patch
  2. swconfig
    • swconfig -P only displays applied patches.

SCO Software Packaging Resources

  1. Using the pkg* utilities
  2. Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit