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An open source printing system developed Mac OS® X and UNIX®-like operating systems.


  • Web-based Administration
    • CUPS is often administered via a web-browser using a http://localhost:631/ address.
      • Supports administrator-level configuration and control control.
      • Supports user printer and job control and monitoring.
      • Supports authentication to manage printers or jobs.


  • It is helpful to check the GNU/Linux distribution for meta-packages that simplify installation of various packages that support both the printing system and printers of interest.
    • Both Mageia and Mandriva GNU/Linux have meta packages for major printer brands.
      • Meta packages can pull in utilities that uniquely support a brand of printer.
      • Meta packages can assure installation of resources like printer test pages.
      • To view the list of meta packages in these distributions, use:
        $ urpmi --fuzzy task-printing

Printer Drivers

GNU/Linux distributions do not package drivers for all printers. Some printer manufacturers create their own drivers that may not be compatible with licensing requirements of a free GNU/Linux distribution.

  • Canon MG-6100 Series : Linux support (used to) require a custom driver from Canon.
    • This manufacturer-provided driver supports the Canon MG-6120 printer, among others.

Sometimes a Linux system will auto-detect a printer, or the supplied driver will not work with default settings.

  • Cups Canon MG6100 Mageia 2 was written as a result of struggle with getting a Linux native driver configured successfully. The page now describes how to set a default Resolution setting to one that works. For some reason, 600x600 dpi settings are an issue, and a 300x300 dpi setting is just fine.

When connecting a network-attached printer, the printer probably will not be detected automatically.