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All about linux...

  • Linux Local Conventions : Information about how Linux is set up here.
  • Linux Desktop Information : On KDE, Plasma, or, other desktops and related matters.
  • GNU/Linux Services : About configuring system services on a "standard" installation.
    • apache : A full-featured web server.
    • autofs : Auto-mount/unmount resources based on access or a lack thereof.
    • CUPS : CUPS is an open source printing system developed for Mac OS® X and UNIX®-like operating systems.
      • General information and resources related to use of CUPS.
      • Information about obtaining and installing custom printer drivers.
    • MySQL : Commonly used SQL database back-end for web servers.
    • PostgreSQL : SQL database back-end for data-centric applications.
    • Sound : Sound-related information.
  • System : System-related information and configuration tips.
  • GNU/Linux Tools : About notable tools that facilitate use of Linux systems.
    • Mandriva Tools : About administrative utilities developed by Mandriva.
      • Msec : System security reporting and enforcement tool developed by Mandriva.
      • urpmi : Software/package management utilities.
    • tnef : TNEF is a program for unpacking Microsoft winmail.dat MIME attachments.
    • XSLT Tools : XSLT processors.
  • ...