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File links

Wiki Markup Characters in Content

Sometimes characters that have special meaning in wiki markup need to be incorporated in content.
For example, the URL markup involves use of square brackets. If for some reason the link text needed to contain a closing square bracket, it is not necessarily obvious how to write the markup. :
Enclose problematic content characters in

Spaces in File Names

Creating links to file names that contain spaces can fail. 
For example, a file name like:
file://path\to\file\My Spreadsheet.xls
creates a broken wiki link.
Writing %20 in place of spaces is the correct wiki markup to use:
Internet Explorer 8 
Known to correctly launch URL markup such as [file://{{FileServer}}/Path/To/Directory%20With%20Spaces/Filename%20with%20Spaces.xls Filename With Spaces.xls].
Internet Explorer 7 
Thought to to have trouble launching/opening filenames that contain space characters. In other words, the aforementioned file URL reference supposedly failed to open in Excel.
To workaround this issue, it was recommended to avoid using spaces in file names:
To workaround this issue without renaming the file, linking the folder was advised instead:
Linking the folder allows Windows Explorer to open so the user may double-click the .xls file.

Extra Dots in File Names

Internet Explorer 7 appears to have trouble launching/opening filenames that contain extra dot characters.
For example, a file name like:
fails to open in Visio, but renaming the file to
works as expected.

File Links

Please see the File URLs page for an overview of issues related to use of file:// in wiki pages. Covered topics include:

  1. How to configure a browser to allow clicking file share links to open them.
  2. How to use intranet file links when a browser does not support click-to-open.
  3. How to write a URL that contains a Distributed File System UNC.
  4. How to construct a URL that points to a domain name.
  5. How to format a URL that uses a drive letter.

Section links

Use characters like plus (+) or minus (-) in headings makes it difficult to directly reference those sections (IE
[[Page Name#Section-Name]]) from another wiki page.


Section Heading:

How are Unicode (UTF-16, UTF-8, etc.) files handled?