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MG-6120 (All-in-one printer/scanner/copier)

  • See the CUPS Canon MG-6100 page on this wiki for pertinent information about setting up the printer under GNU/Linux.


RX-630 (All-in-one printer/scanner/copier)


  • At least some Epson ink cartridges and printers contain features that prevent use of the ink inside non-empty cartridges!
    • Epson settled one or more lawsuits on this matter.
      • After the settlement, cartridges continued to be manufactured with the same "features".
      • In the tradition of class action lawsuits, the compensation to the user was insignificant.
      • Epson sold affected printers to buyers via their online store after the settlement (without disclosing the issue).
    • Without counter-measures, a cartridge can disable the printer even if it is full!
      • This needlessly costs the user money.
      • This generates unearned income for everyone else.
    • Printers routinely report that not yet empty cartridges are empty.
      • If the cartridge is removed and shaken or weighed, it is obvious that it still contains ink.
      • When affected printers/cartridges report the cartridge is empty, the printer is completely disabled.
      • The cartridges have an internally programmed "freshness date". The cartridge is treated as empty if it is "too old" even though the cartridge is completely functional.
      • The cartridges have an internal usage counter. The cartridge is treated as empty if the counter reaches some pre-determined value (even though the cartridge is completely functional).