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Network-related topics

Dynamic DNS (Survey as of 12/2017)

Provider Plan Cost
DHIS N/A $5.00/lifetime
Dyn Dynamic DNS Pro $72.00/2yr
Dyn Dynamic DNS Pro Renewal $57.60/2yr
Provider Plan Cost Free $0.00 Premium $5.00/mo
ChangeIP Free $0.00
ChangeIP Premium Dynamic DNS $6.00/yr
DNSdynamic Free $0.00
DNS->EXIT Free $0.00
Duck DNS Free $0.00
Dynu Free $0.00
Dynu Member $9.99/yr
Namecheap FreeDNS $0.00
no-ip Free $0.00
no-ip Enhanced Dynamic DNS $24.95/yr
no-ip Plus Managed DNS $34.95/yr
SYSTEM(NS) Free $0.00
zoneedit Free DNS $0.00
zoneedit Managed DNS $12.00/yr
zoneedit Managed DNS $30.00/3yr
zoneedit Managed DNS $75.00/10yr
  • Notes
    • Whereas most DDNS services have pools of pre-registered domains, Namecheap does not. They can, however, offer free DDNS service for up to 150 sub-domains of DNS records maintained by a third-party registrar. This service is only useful if the domain NS records may be changed to point to servers.