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Network-enabled clients and tools like: email, chat, file-sharing, wiki, etc.


Zimbra offers calendar features.

Other applications with calendar integration facilities may be listed here.


BigAnt has the following capabilities:

  • Chat
  • Group chat
  • Video call
  • Voice call
  • File-sharing
  • Screen-sharing
  • Chat history

Zimbra also provides chat facilities.

Information related to potential use of other chat clients may appear here.


Zimbra offers contact management.

Information related to other contact management tools may appear here.


Claws Mail is a cross-platform e-mail client the author recommends. The author found evidence of it more accurately implemented at least one RFC better than various other e-mail clients.

Zimbra provides ready-access to:

  • Company e-mail
  • Company calendar
  • Shared e-mail contacts
  • Shared task lists

Information related to configuring, using, or troubleshooting other e-mail clients appears here.

File Sharing

OwnCloud is a file-sharing solution that:

  • provides company-wide, distributed file shares
  • keeps company resources on company servers and computers
  • facilitates use of standard file share folder and file naming
  • is web-accessible and therefore easily linked in the wiki

File sharing via e-mail email, chat clients, USB media, etc., is often reasonable, but, as files shared by these methods can easily become out-of-date, hard-to-find, etc., after the initial share, use of a service like OwnCloud is preferable when files have longer lifetimes or are shared with many people.

Task Lists

Zimbra offers a task list sharing mechanism.

Other applications with task list integration may be listed here.


MediaWiki provides a professional look-and-feel along with many features that facilitate both use and maintenance.